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Friends of Hästlycka
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KWPN stallion foal, mycket sport motherline

85 000 kr

Right Choice MT is a stallion foal born on April 7th 2021. His character is very friendly and playfull. His height is going to be 1.68-1.70m.

His father is one of the most popular stallions at the KWPN stallion show 2019.
First Date is a long-legged stallion with a striking type and superb character. Together with his interesting pedigree we are convinced that he can contribute to the modern dressagehorse-breeding. First Date is approved by the KWPN and the Oldenburg Society. In 2019 First Date passed the KWPN-performancetest with 83,5 points.

The motherline has a lot of sport and predicates. (For example, Gadget ZZ-licht, Absolute Alonso PrixStGeorge)
Mother Eliana was started in L dressage before she got an accident and had to be withdrawn from the sport.

Agria försakring.

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Friends of Hästlycka

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